Living Room Libations + In-Home Tastings

Good spirits, great teacher.

Meet Brad.

Originally hailing from the northern Midwest, Brad has spent over a decade in the hospitality industry.  He has a love for people and the heart of a teacher.  His travels have taken him around the globe, and he loves sharing what he's learned from his journeys.

Brad's personable approach and gift for storytelling make every one of his classes fun, unique, and definitely memorable. Brad proudly serves the DFW area.

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Bradley Bellaire, CSS, Founder imbibesocial

Bradley Bellaire, Founder imbibesocial


Percy J.

The cocktail class was awesome.  He brought ingredients I hadn't ever heard of.  The drinks were tasty!

Rebecca H.

Brad did an excellent job at our class.  He was punctual, personable, and informative.  I'm looking forward to my next class!

Nate B.

I liked like his explanations on the whiskeys.  I never knew how to tell the difference between an Irish and Scotch whisky.  

Miranda J.

Wish he could have stayed longer... Brad was so funny and really knows what he's talking about.